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My Minute With Andre

Aug 10, 2018


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words, so, finally, I took my hand, I put it on a piece of paper, I outlined it with a pen, and I wrote in the center something like, "Your heart is in my hand.", something like that. And then, I went over to my brother's house to swim, cause he lives nearby in the country, and he has a pool. And he wasn't home. And I went into his library and he had bought at an auction the collected issues of Minotaure. You know, the surrealist magazine? Oh, it's a great, great surrealist magazine in the twenties and thirties and know, I consider myself a bit of a surrealist. I had never, ever seen a copy of Minotaure. And here they all were, bound, year after year.

Andre: So, at random, I picked one out, I opened it up, and there was a full-page reproduction of the letter "A" from Tenniel's Alice In Wonderland, and I thought, that...well, you know, it's been a day of coincidences, but that's not unusual that the surrealists would have been interested in Alice and I did a play of Alice, so, at random, I opened to another page and there were four handprints. One was André Breton, another was André

Andre: And then I went and tried to write an answer to her letter, cause she'd written me a very long letter. But I just couldn't find the right


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