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My Minute With Andre

Jul 26, 2018


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George...uh, told me he'd seen you around that time. He said you looked like you'd come back from a war.

Andre: Yeah, I remember meeting him. He...uh...he asked me a lot of friendly questions. I think I called you up, too, that summer, didn't I?

Wally: Huh. I think I was out of town.

Andre: Yeah, well, most...most people I met thought there was something wrong with me. They didn't say that but I could tell that that was what they thought. But, you see, what I think I experienced was, for the first time in my life, to know what it means to be truly alive. Now, that's very frightening, because with that comes an immediate awareness of death, cause they go hand in hand, you know, the kind of impulse that led to Walt Whitman, that led to "Leaves of Grass", you know, that feeling of being connected to everything means to also be connected to death. And that's pretty scary. But, I really felt as if I were floating above the ground, not walking, you know, and I could do things like go out to


Jason Klamm is a podcaster and actor:


Jason Klamm is appearing in the LA stage show A Drinking Game (the show where he sometimes play Wally Shawn) Saturday July 28 2018 at Acme Hollywood. They are performing a live staged reading of Pee-wee's Big Adventure, and Jason will be playing Phil Hartman's reporter character among others.

Woody appears on Jason Klamm’s fantastic, popular, and long-running podcast Comedy On Vinyl, a personal dream come true:

He also has this amazing News Radio podcast Dispatches from Fort Awesome:


Thanks to Jake Haller from Love Y.A. like crazy and other fine podcasts for his great response.

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