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My Minute With Andre

Jul 5, 2018


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drink a lot of beer and have a good dinner. Oh, and there was one girl, who wasn't in our group, but who just wouldn't leave, so we took her along with us.

Wally: Huh. God. Well, tell me some of the other things you did with your group

Andre: Well...oh, I remember once, when we were in the city we tried doing an improvisation, you know, the kind that I used to do in New York...uh...everybody's supposed to be on an airplane and they've all learned from the pilot there's something wrong with the motor. But what was unusual about this improvisation was that two people who participated in it fell in love. They've, in fact, married. And when we went...yeah, out of fear...of being on this plane, they fell in love, thinking they were going to die at any moment. And when we went to the forest, these two disappeared because they understood the...the experiment so well that they realized that


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