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My Minute With Andre

Jan 23, 2018



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two people in my group had brought musical instruments, a flute and a drum, which, of course, are sacred instruments...was that sometimes the room would break up into six or seven different things going on at once, you know, six or seven different improvisations, all of which seemed, in some way, related to each other, it was like a magnificent cobweb.


Andre: And at one point, I noticed that Grotowski was at the center of one group huddled around a bunch of candles that they'd gathered together. And like a little child, fascinated by fire, I saw that he had his hand right in the flame and was holding it there. And as I approached his group, I wondered if I could do it. I put my left hand in the flame and I found I could hold it there for as long as I liked, and there was no burn and no pain. But when I tried to put my right hand in the flame, I couldn't hold it there for a second, so Grotowski said, "If it burns, try to change some little thing in yourself." And I tried to do that...didn't work.


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