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My Minute With Andre

Jan 13, 2018


So happy to be back! You can hear this podcast being mentioned on a great episode of Judge John Hodgman  here:


Andre: Now, you could easily see, cause we're talking about group trance, where the line between something like this, and something like Hitler's Nuremberg rallies is, in a way, a very thin line.


Andre: Anyway, after about an hour of this wild, hypnotic dancing, Grotowski and I found ourselves sitting opposite each other in the middle of this whole thing, and we threw the teddy bear back and forth. You know, on one...on one level, you could say this is childish. And I gave the teddy bear suck, suddenly, at my breast, and then I threw the teddy bear to him, and he gave it suck at his breast, and then the teddy bear was thrown up into the air again, at which there was another explosion of form into...something, and these...suppose it like, you know, this is the...this...there's something like a kaleidoscope, like a human kaleidoscope, the evening was made up of shiftings of the kaleidoscope.


Andre: Now, the only other things that I remember, other than constantly trying to guide this thing, which was always involved with either movement, rhythm, repetition or song...or chanting, because, uh,


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