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My Minute With Andre

Aug 23, 2017


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taking off their jewelry and their watches, and stowing it away, and making sure it's all secure. And then, slowly, people arrived, the way they would arrive at the theater, in ones and twos and tens and fifteens and what have you, and we were just sitting there, and we were singing this very beautiful song, and people started to sit with us and started to learn the song.

Andre: Now, there is, of course, as in any performance or improvisation, an instinct for when things are gonna get boring. So, at a certain point, it may only have taken an hour to get there, an hour and a half, I suddenly grabbed this teddy bear and threw it in the air, at which a hundred and forty or thirty people suddenly exploded, you know, it was like a...a Jackson Pollack painting, you know. Human beings exploded out of this tight little circle that was singing the song, and before I knew it, there were two circles, dancing, you know, one dancing clockwise, the other dancing counterclockwise, with this rhythm mostly from the waist down. In other words, like an American Indian dance, with this thumping, persistent rhythm.


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