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My Minute With Andre

Jun 30, 2017


When does a hug mean community? Are we all just playing unusual characters in the lives of our friends ? What’s the first thing people see when they look at us?


I remember, when I first started working with Andre's company, I couldn't get over the way the actors would hug when they greeted each...

Jun 28, 2017


Is it possible to live in your art, and your life?


Andre's tastes used to be very ascetic. Even though people have always known that he has some money somewhere. I mean, how the hell else could he have been flying off to Asia, and so on, and still have been supporting his family.

Wally (narration):...

Jun 23, 2017


What price are we willing to pay, in pride, not in dollars, for our proverbial glass of Source de Pavillion? And is this for friendship or merely to honor the social contract? What gauntlet of opulence are we willing to walk through, just to be told that even our taste in fizzy water lacks class? ? Is...

Jun 16, 2017


As a skeptic, is it necessary to be alarmed when a friend speaks of their mystical experiences. Is a believer in magic required to keep their wild discoveries to themselves? Are they asking for help or for understanding. What if what they say is true? What are you supposed to be, a doctor?   



Jun 9, 2017


What makes a friendship go sour? Is it competition between peers? Is it years of neglect? Is it having to figure out your own damn dinner situation three nights a week?


Wally (narration): It was now seven o'clock and I would have liked nothing better than to go home and have my girlfriend, Debbie,...