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My Minute With Andre

Jul 5, 2017




Waiter: ...if you feel like sitting down.

Wally: Oh.

Andre: Yes, thank you.

Wally (narration): I was beginning to realize that the only way to make this evening bearable would be to ask Andre a few questions. Asking questions always relaxes me. In fact, I sometimes think that my secret profession is that I'm a private investigator, a detective. I always enjoy finding out about people, even if they're in absolute agony, I always find it very...interesting.

Wally: By the way, is he still thin?

Andre: What?

Wally: Grotowski. Is he still thin?

Andre: Oh, absolutely. Oh, waiter? Uh, I think we can do without this.

Waiter 2: Yes, sir.

Andre: Thank you.

Wally: What about this one?

Andre: Seven swimming shrimp.



Kay May Yard is not on social media, but see her in plays and modeling in The Bay Area



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