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My Minute With Andre

Jun 30, 2017


When does a hug mean community? Are we all just playing unusual characters in the lives of our friends ? What’s the first thing people see when they look at us?


I remember, when I first started working with Andre's company, I couldn't get over the way the actors would hug when they greeted each other. "Wow. Now I'm really in the theater," I thought.

Wally: Well, you look terrific.

Andre: Well, I feel terrible.

Bartender: Good evening, sir. Nice to see you again.

Andre: Thank you, good evening. Ah, I think I'll have a spritzer, if I could

Bartender: Yes, sir.

Andre: Thank you.

Wally (narration): I was feeling incredibly nervous. I wasn't sure I could stick through an entire meal with him. So we talked about this and that. He told me a few things about Jerzy Grotowski, the great Polish theater director, who was a friend, and almost like a kind of a guru, of Andre's. He'd also dropped out of the theater. Grotowski was a pretty unusual character himself. At one time, he'd been quite fat, then he'd lost an incredible amount of weight, and become very thin and grown a beard.

Waiter: Your table is ready…

Andre: Wally

Wally: Wow! My God!


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