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My Minute With Andre

Jun 28, 2017


Is it possible to live in your art, and your life?


Andre's tastes used to be very ascetic. Even though people have always known that he has some money somewhere. I mean, how the hell else could he have been flying off to Asia, and so on, and still have been supporting his family.

Wally (narration): The reason I was meeting Andre was that an acquaintance of mine, George Grassfield, had called me and just insisted that I had to see him. Apparently, George had been walking his dog in an odd section of town the night before, and he'd suddenly come upon Andre leaning against a crumbling old building and sobbing. Andre had explained to George that he'd just been watching the Ingmar Bergman movie "Autumn Sonata" about 25 blocks away, and he'd been seized by a fit of ungovernable crying when the character played by Ingrid Bergman had said "I could always live in my art, but never in my life."

Andre: Wally!

Wally: Wow! My God!


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