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My Minute With Andre

Jun 23, 2017


What price are we willing to pay, in pride, not in dollars, for our proverbial glass of Source de Pavillion? And is this for friendship or merely to honor the social contract? What gauntlet of opulence are we willing to walk through, just to be told that even our taste in fizzy water lacks class? ? Is not water, water?



Wally: Uh, sir, my name is Wallace Shawn. I'm expected at the table of Andre Gregory.

Maitre D': That table will be a moment, sir. If you like, you may have a drink at the bar.

Bartender: Good evening, sir.

Wally: Uh, could I have a club soda please?

Bartender: I'm sorry sir. We only serve Source de Pavilion.

Wally: That'd be fine. Thank you.

Wally (narration): When I'd called Andre, and he'd suggested that we meet in this particular restaurant, I'd been rather surprised--



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