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My Minute With Andre

Jun 16, 2017


As a skeptic, is it necessary to be alarmed when a friend speaks of their mystical experiences. Is a believer in magic required to keep their wild discoveries to themselves? Are they asking for help or for understanding. What if what they say is true? What are you supposed to be, a doctor?   


Wally (narration): But then, something had happened to Andre. He dropped out of the theater. He sort of disappeared. For months at a time his family seemed only to know that he was travelling in some odd place like Tibet. Which was really weird because he loved his wife and children, he never used to like to leave home at all. Or else you'd hear that someone had met him at a party, and he'd been telling people that he'd talked with trees or something like that. Obviously, something terrible had happened to Andre.

Wally (narration): The whole idea of meeting him made me very nervous. I mean, I really wasn't up for that sort of thing. I had problems of my own. I mean, I couldn't help Andre. Was I supposed to be a doctor or what?

Wally: Hello.

Coat Check Person: Hello. There you go.

Wally: Thank you.

Maitre D': Yes sir.

Wally: Uh


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