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My Minute With Andre

Jun 9, 2017


What makes a friendship go sour? Is it competition between peers? Is it years of neglect? Is it having to figure out your own damn dinner situation three nights a week?


Wally (narration): It was now seven o'clock and I would have liked nothing better than to go home and have my girlfriend, Debbie, cook me a nice, delicious dinner. But for the last several years, our financial circumstances have forced Debbie to work three nights a week as a waitress. Afterall, somebody had to bring in a little money. So, I was on my own.

Wally (narration): But the worst thing of all was that I'd been trapped by an odd series of circumstances into agreeing to have dinner with a man I'd been avoiding literally for years. His name was Andre Gregory. At one time he'd been a very close friend of mine, as well as my most valued colleague in the theater. In fact, he was the man who had first discovered me and put one of my plays on the professional stage. When I'd known Andre, he'd been at the height of his career as a theater director. The amazing work he did with his company, The Manhattan Project, had just stunned audiences throughout the world.


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