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My Minute With Andre

Jun 7, 2017


Are artists entitled to make their living from their art? If art isn’t paying the bills, is the artist a failure, or just out of step with economic reality? Do material struggles hinder or rather inform an artist’s work?


--meanwhile, checking constantly with my answering service to see if my agent had called with any acting work. In the morning, the mailbox had just been stuffed with bills. What was I supposed to do? How was I supposed to pay them? After all, I was already doing my best.

Wally (narration): I've lived in this city all my life. I grew up on the Upper East Side and when I was ten years old I was rich, I was an aristocrat, riding around in taxis, surrounded by comfort, and all I thought about was art and music. Now, I'm 36, and new all I think about is money.


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Episode/Minute Four drops this Friday June 9th