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My Minute With Andre

Jul 19, 2018


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of candles and torches, I mean, no church could have looked more beautiful. There was a simple ceremony, and one of them played the role of my godmother, and another played the role of my godfather, and I was given a new name. They called me Yendrush. And some of the people took it completely seriously and some of them found it funny, but, uh...I really felt that I had a new name. And then we had an enormous feast, with blueberries picked from the field, and chocolate someone had gone a great distance to buy, and raspberry soup, rabbit stew, and we sang Polish songs, and Greek songs, and everybody danced for the rest of the night.

Wally: Hmm.

Andre: Oh, I have a picture. See...this was...let's see. Oh, yeah, this was me in the forest. See?

Wally: God!

Andre: That's what I felt like. That's the state I was in.

Wally: God. Yeah, I remember


Katherine Fusco is an author and associate professor at University of Nevada, Reno:

Katherine Fusco literally co-wrote THE book on Kelly Reichardt:​

Katherine Fusco has an article in The Atlantic on creative mothers portrayed in film this week:


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