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My Minute With Andre

Jun 2, 2017


What is the difference between a character and the actor who plays them? What if they have the same name? The same job? What if they wore their clothes from home to set? What if they wrote the script themselves?


Wally (narration): The life of a playwright is tough. It's not easy, as some people seem to think. You work hard writing plays and nobody puts them on. You take up other lines of work to try to make a living, I became an actor, and people don't hire you. So you just spend your days doing the errands of your trade. Today, I had to be up by ten in the morning to make some important phone calls. Then, I'd gone to the stationery store to buy envelopes. Then, to the Xerox shop. There were dozens of things to do.

Wally (narration): By five o'clock, I'd finally made it to the post office and mailed off several copies of my plays, meanwhile, checking constantly with my–


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