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My Minute With Andre

Aug 3, 2017


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and you thank God for your life, and repeats itself over and over again, and this became our theme song. I really must play this thing for you one day because you just can't believe that a group of people who don't know how to sing could create something so beautiful. So, I decided that when the people arrived for the beehive that our group would already be there singing this very beautiful song, and that we would simply sing it over and over again.

Andre: One of the people decided to bring her very large teddy bear, you know, well, she's a little afraid of this event, and...uh...somebody wanted to bring a...a sheet, and somebody else wanted to bring a large bowl of water, in case people got hot or thirsty, and somebody suggested that we have candles, that there be no artificial light, but candlelight. And I remember watching people preparing for this evening. Of course, there was no makeup, and there were no costumes, but it was exactly the way that people prepare for a performance, you know, people sort of taking


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