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My Minute With Andre

Jul 29, 2017



Late again, I'm sorry. Figuring out life stuff while doing the podcast has proven more challenging than I had originally imagined. Expect episode 16 tomorrow!


And he said, "Well, certainly, in fact...why don't you, with your group, lead the beehive instead of participating in one?" Well, you know, I...I got very nervous, you know, and I said, "Well, what is a beehive?" He said, ''Well...a beehive eight o'clock a hundred strangers come into a room." And I said, "Yes?" He said, "Yes, and whatever happens is a beehive." I said, "Yes, but what am I supposed to do?" He said, "That's up to you." I said, "No, no. I really don't want to do this. I'll just participate." And he said, "No, no. You lead the beehive."

Andre: Well, I was terrified, Wally, I mean, in a way, I felt on stage. I did it anyway.

Wally: God, well...tell me about it.

Andre: You see, there was this song. I have a tape of it, I can play it for you one day. And it's just unbelievably beautiful. You see, one of the women in our group knew a few fragments of this song of Saint Francis, and it's a song in which you thank God for your eyes, and you thank God for your heart, and you thank God for your


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