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My Minute With Andre

Jul 14, 2017



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--and maybe I can give it to you."


Andre: So I said, "Well, if you could give me forty Jewish women who speak neither English nor French, either women who've been in the theater for a long time and want to leave it but don't know why, or young women who love the theater, but have never seen a theater they could love, and if these women could play the trumpet or the harp, and if I could work in a forest, I'd come."


Andre: A week later, or two weeks later, he called me from Poland and he said, "Well, forty Jewish women, that's a little hard to find." But he said, "I do have forty women. They all pretty much fit the definition." And he said, "I also have some very interesting men but you don't have to work with them. These are all people who have in common the fact that they're questioning the theater. They don't all play the trumpet or the harp, but they all play a musical instrument, and none of them speak English." And he'd found me a forest, Wally, and the only inhabitants of this forest were some wild boar and a hermit. So that was an offer I couldn't refuse. I had to go.



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