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My Minute With Andre

Jul 7, 2017




Waiter: Ready for your order?

Andre: Ah...yes. Uh, the aranygaluska. do you prepare that?

Wally (narration): Andre seemed to know an awful lot about the menu. I didn't understand a word of it.

Waiter: Very good, I think.

Andre:, I...I think I'll have the cailles aux raisins...

Waiter: Very good.

Andre: ...the quail.

Wally: Oh, quails! I'll have that as well.

Waiter: Two.

Andre: Great.

Wally: Great!

Andre: And then I think, to begin with, the terrine de poissons.

Waiter: Yes.

Wally: What is that?

Andre: Uh, it's a sort of pâté...light...made of fish.

Wally: Does it have bones in it?

Andre: No bones. Perfectly safe.

Wally: What is the, um, bramborová polévka?

Waiter: It's a potato soup. It's quite delicious.

Wally: Oh, well, that's...great. I'll have that.

Waiter: Thank you very kindly.

Andre: Thank you very much.

Wally: Well. And when was the last time...

Wally (narration): So we talked for a while about my writing and my acting. And about my girlfriend, Debbie.



Kay May Yard is not on social media, but see her in plays and modeling in The Bay Area



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